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February Assualt on Williams Hill

So it was supposed to be a nice warm day in the upper 50s with a little breeze and since the ground is soaked from recent heavy rains a road bike ride was in order for today.  It came together … Continue reading

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Where’s the Beef, with Clenbuterol

Alberto Contador probably doesn’t like the hand that fate as dealt him, the greatest Grand Tour rider of his generation and yet he always seems to be  cast as a villain instead of the glorious hero, and now a villain who cheats, maybe … Continue reading

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More adventures in ebay, TT#6

I bought another old used item on ebay, a Polar s720i Heart Rate Meter, I got a sweet deal and it works great, except for one little thing.  The altimeter and temperature don’t work.  I could almost ignore that the altimeter doesn’t work, … Continue reading

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Some Training Thoughts

Today I’m just going to talk a bit about whats going on with my training regime. It’s getting serious I started a paper training log.  which includes such vitally important entries as time in zone, weather conditions, and even a … Continue reading

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Glendale Night Riding

I went out for a night ride Thursday with the boys from SMBA.  We did an 11 mile route in about 3 hours, but only about 2 of actual riding.  The venue was Lake Glendale, which is pretty good for night riding … Continue reading

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Bicycling Magazine Cover

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Scotty I Need More Power!

On December 24th I wrote that I wanted to weigh 220 by May 1st.  Today is Feb 16th.  Its time to face the facts that I’m not going to make it.  I weigh in at 241 this morning, about 7 weeks … Continue reading

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