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Nice Day, Nice Ride, Nice Video

This morning started out like most of my morning lately, I got up at 5:30 and went out to do my 2 mile jog around town.  It was pleasantly warmer and I piddled around so that I didn’t get started until … Continue reading

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Trainer Test #2 and Biker’s Backache

I did my weekly trainer test the other night despite the sore legs from my mountain bike spill on Sunday.  This week I did 4.27 miles in 10 minutes, a 25.5 average.  Last week I did 3.91 miles, a 23.4 … Continue reading

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Bandersnatch 29er, Some thoughts

Well I bought a mountain bike frame yesterday, I sold a mountain bike the day before.  I spent more on the frame then I did on the complete bike I sold.  Probably not a real good business decision…  but it … Continue reading

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Saving money buying stuff

I have a bad habit of picking out expensive items I want; cameras, bikes, computers, mp3 players, all kinds of stuff.  I also don’t like parting with my money, but like every other blue blooded American I love a good deal.  … Continue reading

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Review: Cycling Home from Siberia

While browsing the intertubes recently I ran across something called Cycling Home from Siberia.  Its a 6 episode series about a British guy named Rob Lilwall who, as the title implies, cycles home from Siberia.  The program is filmed in … Continue reading

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New Winter Workout Clothes

So I’ve never been much on clothes.  I’ve never cared too much what’s in style and brand the tag says, in fact I’ve purposely avoided any item of clothing that turns me into a walking billboard, and I prefer to … Continue reading

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Trainer Test #1

I’ve been putting more thought and time into a more serious training regime.  I just completed my second week of regular training consisting of a morning jog, and an evening workout.  I decided I wanted some numbers to look at … Continue reading

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ibike power meters

Imagine if you bought a car with a 4 speed automatic transmission and a powerful engine under the hood  that could easily drive the car  65 miles per hour on any road.  Imagine that you bought this car as a … Continue reading

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A Satisfied Customer

I’ve been buying lots of bike stuff lately, my CAAD 9 is going to be a new machine this season, I’ve built up a touring bike, and I’m getting ready to convert Shauna’s bike from a riser bar hi rider … Continue reading

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