TT#4 and stuff

Ummm this lettuce is great!

Well Its Thursday.  I did a trainer test Monday this week but am just getting around to reporting on it. 

In ten minutes I went 4.41 miles, that makes an average speed of 26.4 for a big improvement. 

I did an hour and a half on the trainer last night.  A guy who’s all into mountain bike racing gave me some training advice.  He thought I was probably doing to much anerobic work without the solid aerobic base needed to build on.  I dug around my hard drive and found Coach Troy’s Spinervals Aerobic Base Builder.  Imagine the fun of doing 4 consecutive 5 minute intervals where the focus is one keeping your heart rate around zone 3, which for me is around 150 bpm.  Its actually alot harder then it sounds but very boring. 

After I could take no more I loaded up the 45 minute “Revolver” video by The Sufferfest which is 1 minute Anerobic intervals, basically the opposite of what I was supposed to do. 

As you can tell I’ve developed an interesting in training with heart rate.  I have a old Polar monitor I got from a Good Will store for 2 dollars, it tells me my current HR and programs 3 zones based on my age I think.  I have gear envy right now for a fancy pants training tool like a Garmin Edge, seeing data online from folks’ rides makes me covet thy neighbors possesions.  I’ve built two bikes up recently and I don’t need to spend any more money, but I don’t know how long I can hold out. 

According to the scale at the gym I have lost some weight, according to the scale at home I haven’t.  I think it’s got to do with the time I’m weighing in.  I should be losing weight I’m training harder then I ever have and eating less. 

The healthy living life plan that I’ve carefully crafted was blown straight to hell last night when my wife sent me out for brownie mix.  They were very good. 

The gym is becoming crowded with new people, its definitly getting annoying, but I know that most of these people will disapear when their 3 month trial membership expires, probably long before.  I’ve been refocusing my efforts in the gym on core work for the last week.  I went back to my traditional strength training tongiht.  I saw gains in everything.  I’m glad to say that I can now squat my body weight 5 times.  Of course I’ve seen little tiny people come in and squat 3 times their body weight, so nothing ot brag about.

Tommorow is my birthday, I’ll be 32.  Way to go.

Good Night


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2 Responses to TT#4 and stuff

  1. Happy belated birthday, Matt. I just got around to reading this. Hang in there, your efforts are inspiring me to take a little off the middle as well.

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