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Rivendell Bicycle Cult… I mean Company

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve been essentially riding with the goal of being a faster cyclist most of the time, I don’t race, I ride a light aluminum racing frame with a somewhat aggresively low position, … Continue reading

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Tour de Corn: Drama and suffering

There is a big ride about 100 miles South of me in the sleeply little town of East Prarire MO.  Its called the Tour de Corn, because as you might guess, they grow lots and lots of corn.  The ride started about … Continue reading

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First Overnight Trip

Wednesday I packed up my Nashbar Touring Bike and took a 72 mile ride to Giant City State Park where I camped and then rode home the next morning.  I was somewhat stunned to see that I was only 35 … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Decision

(ed. Note:  The following post has nothing to do with cycling, and only involves geeky computer jargon, you’ve been warned)  Yes friends, I had to make the ultimate decision recently, this decision was so ultimately profound and yet subtle in … Continue reading

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The Classic Biker Tan

So I tricked took Shaundo into an easy hard ride today, it was 45 miles and we left at like 1PM so we could get the full brunt of the sun’s fury.  It wasn’t really that hot but the sun was … Continue reading

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A Brief Return to the Mountain

My mountain bike buddy called me yesterday, he also called Tuesday, I think me also called Sunday.  I didn’t get to those phone calls on Sunday and Tuesday, but Thursday’s got to me.  I knew that if I wanted to … Continue reading

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Jason Armes vs. Chris Horner

While riding last week in the Tour de Kota I noticed that my pal Jason looks alot like pro cyclist Chris Horner, so much so that I was jokingly calling him Chris and then forgot to stop.  Since Chris Horner … Continue reading

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