February Assualt on Williams Hill

Riding on Gape Hollow road.

So it was supposed to be a nice warm day in the upper 50s with a little breeze and since the ground is soaked from recent heavy rains a road bike ride was in order for today.  It came together nicely, I had come up with this plan that would let me get in a Williams Hill Climb, which is about a 4 mile climb of roughly 700 feet.  This plan would still include Shauna for some rolling hills. 

Shauna isn’t ready for Williams Hill so we would drive aways out ride about ten miles together at her pace then I would climb up the hill while she lackadaisically headed back.  Mom, Dad and JC went with us. 

Shauna is having a great time.

I lost track of time and had to rush to get everything together and was having trouble with my air pump, then we got there and I had more trouble with it, and because I was already freaked out about being late I was starting to get mad.  I apparently barked an order at Shauna to go use the bathroom which ticked her off, then her bike which was leaned against the wall fell down which twisted the hood a bit, then I remembered I had forgotten to fix something on her bike, which was a problem because the minimalist multitool I carry on my speedy bike wouldn’t fix it, then I realized I had forgotten to replace last year’s worn out cleats and I couldn’t get my left foot to click in, then JC started making comments about grip shift that sent me over the edge.

Yea, this is fun!

I was trying to put my gloves on while I was also trying to click in, I thought I was in but it was a false positive, it clicked but didn’t lock, a sure sign your cleats have been worn out for months.  My foot came out and hit the front wheel, I nearly got ahold of it but didn’t and fell face first off the bike going about 6 mph, the only thing really hurt was my pride, well that plus my hand, elbow, and left leg.

Mom is in excellent shape this year and had no problem with Williams Hill.

Anyway the impact had the effect of calming my nerves and thanks to Dad’s regulation sized multi-tool I got my bars all straightened up and Shaunas too.  The rest of the ride was good, cold, windy, but good.  Mom, Dad and I climbed Williams Hill, it was probably the easiest time I’d ever had climbing it.  This is also the first time I’ve climbed it on compact gearing.  I’ll be doing a big write-up of compact gearing as soon as I get some more time on it.

I'm continually looking for ways to make my bike even more dorky.

My new Heart Rate monitor accompanied me on this ride and I recorded some ride data, my max HR was 169, my average was 133.  What can I glean from that?  Not much, but this one nice nugget.  I had my old HR monitor the very first time I climbed Williams Hill about 4 years ago.  On that ride my Heart rate hovered in the upper 170s, and maxed out at 184, I had to stop twice and when I finally did get to the top I was complete toast.  I’m glad those days are over.


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3 Responses to February Assualt on Williams Hill

  1. Made me laugh a little at myself; sure hate when ‘they’ just don’t cooperate with ‘my’ plans……. 🙂

  2. jc wise says:

    man I loves me some gripshifts! wished they fit my roadbike…

  3. Steve says:

    LOL! I, too, have been informed that I bark orders at my spouse. These are almost always not well received.

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