Routes, maps, cue sheets

Here you will find cycling routes that I have ridden and recomend in the area.  They are probably safe, but as always you ride at you’re own risk.  GPX files can be loaded into a variety of software and websites.

Dirty South 100K

Dirty South 100K GPX file
Dirty South 100K Cue Sheet

This may be one of the most difficult routes possible to take in Southeastern Illinois, it includes steep gravel climbs, paved climbs, gravel trails and a few flat roads.  It can be ridden on a road bike, but cross bike or a mountain bike with slicks is a better choice.

Tunnel Hill – Bald Knob Century

Tunnel Hill – Bald Knob Century GPX file 

This 100 mile ride is one of the toughest routes in the center of the region.  Its very scenic and hardly ever flat.  It begins at the rail trail parking lot in Tunnel Hill which has water, bathrooms and plenty of parking.  The halfway point is Bald Knob cross which is one of the highest spots in Southern Illinois.  Roads are mostly oil and chip or better, no gravel.

12 Responses to Routes, maps, cue sheets

  1. raydean davis says:

    I ride the tunnel Hill trail at least once a year. Your central looks like it would be a good compliment the ride I usually do. I would ride it on my Surly LHT. would probably camp or stay in Marion. Grew up in karnak and carrier mills so have an affinity for the area. Live in Bloomington now and ride over 4000 miles a year which included RAGBRAI last year.

  2. Richard says:

    We’re planning a mountain biking trip this fall. Can you recommend any single track off road routes? We are planning to do the Cedar Lake and Lake Kincaid trails but we don’t know of any other off road routes that are legal. We are looking for beautiful wild scenery and 1 to 6 hour routes Thanks!

  3. Glenn says:

    Hello Matt, youu do an awesome job with this sight,i really love it…What time does the ride saturday start? the 100k that is…thx Glenn Martin

  4. Glenn says:

    Will an cx bike be good? I assume this all gravel? No dirt correct? Any creek crossing or paking bikes? Would road shoes be ok?

  5. Glenn says:

    This gonna be about 60 miles of well groomed auto driven gravel roads where u can run a brisk speed? Hilly? Any place to view route?

  6. Glenn says:

    Ok thx Matt…if weather decent and I can work it out I will try and come…Good to hear from you.. and keep up the great work you do on this site. Glenn

  7. John Price says:

    Hi Matt. I was looking at a Shawnee National Forest pamphlet and it looks like there is a gravel/ unpaved road that stretches south of 149 to Wolf Lake and then allows you to loop back via Larue. Are you familar with this? If so was wondering if you have any more details. Looking to do some gravel/ fire roads over Christmas break.

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