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I Can’t Help Myself

I have two road bikes that are fully functional and much nicer than I really need.  I have a cross bike that may not be exactly nice, but if definitely works.  I’ve been complaining to myself that I need to … Continue reading

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12 Dollar Bike Shorts and 2 Dollar Bottle Cages from China

Hey, there’s no hiding it, I’m cheap.  I’m always looking for good deals on bike stuff.  This Christmas I purchased some 12 dollar bib shorts from China.  I needed some new shorts and couldn’t believe the price.  The pictures looked … Continue reading

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HDR photo, skating, iphone, T-shirts, and stuff

Big evening for me here, I just sold my first Mountain Bike T-shirt on ebay.  Just selling one has left me with the notion that I’m not completely wasting my time and in fact I might actually do some good … Continue reading

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Turkish Post and Inline Skating Blisters

A double post today, exciting eh? My doorbell rang.  I answered it.  The postwoman had package I needed to sign for.  It was a tube just about the right size to put a stick of dynomite in.  I scratched my … Continue reading

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More adventures in ebay, TT#6

I bought another old used item on ebay, a Polar s720i Heart Rate Meter, I got a sweet deal and it works great, except for one little thing.  The altimeter and temperature don’t work.  I could almost ignore that the altimeter doesn’t work, … Continue reading

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A Satisfied Customer

I’ve been buying lots of bike stuff lately, my CAAD 9 is going to be a new machine this season, I’ve built up a touring bike, and I’m getting ready to convert Shauna’s bike from a riser bar hi rider … Continue reading

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