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The Tour is Won on the Alpe Review

The first named climb from bicycle racing I ever learned was Alpe D’Huez.  It’s the most famous bicycle climb in the world.  The Tour is Won on the Alpe is a book by some foreign guy about the climb and … Continue reading

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Hunger: The Sean Kelly Autobiography Review

If you want to get fired up for a season of riding then a great way is to read a good bike book.  “Hunger” was released in June 2013 so it’s one of the newest options you have, and as … Continue reading

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Lance 3.0 Doping Edition

I’m going to do something I don’t do often enough, say that I was wrong, I’m going to eat my own words.  I’ve been reading Tyler Hamilton’s book, The Secret Race, and while nothing in it has completely shocked me, … Continue reading

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The official Barn Door Response to Lancegate

Well I’ve been reserving my judgement for a few days to stew over the newest Lance drama, well actually strike that, I just haven’t cared enough to write about it.  In fact I still don’t care enough to write about … Continue reading

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Logo? and Armstrong off the hook

Lance Armstrong can rest easier tonight, the federal investigation and grand jury which I were sure was going to lead to a very ugly trial and perhaps fall from grace for Lance have been dropped.  No charges were filed.  This doesn’t mean Lance … Continue reading

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Where’s the Beef, with Clenbuterol

Alberto Contador probably doesn’t like the hand that fate as dealt him, the greatest Grand Tour rider of his generation and yet he always seems to be  cast as a villain instead of the glorious hero, and now a villain who cheats, maybe … Continue reading

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Floyd Tells a Different Story

Wow, what weird timing.  I buy Floyd’s book, read it, blog about it, then at lunch today I look up at the TV and see Floyd crossing the finish line of the Tour in 2006.  My first thought was, “Floyd’s … Continue reading

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