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Williams Hill with Jim and Mr. Cool

Mom, Terry, Jim and I did the 57 mile Williams Hill circle Saturday.  Jim’s a local rider who has taken a few rides with us lately and is making leaps and bounds of progress.  It was Jim’s first time on … Continue reading

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How far is far?

I was reading a new post on my friend Miles blog in which he talks of the difficulties he’s had building a randonneuring community in Southern Illinois.  I can’t think of one way in which he could have done more to make this happen, he writes, ” I’ve exhausted … Continue reading

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Amazing Journey and Great Sadness

Lets start with great sadness, over at Sherkat’s blog, in which a Southern Illinois racer writes about Team MACK, these is a report on a man named Randy Gillespie.  Randy recently died from injuries he recieved in the Webster Grove … Continue reading

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Inspiration through blogging

I’d like to post a comment that was made on an old post. Hey Matt, great Job on the weight loss and the increase in your speed! I found your blog via a search for the Nashbar touring frame and … Continue reading

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Mt. Vernon Kiwanis Fun Day Ride

With a name like the Fun Day Ride I didn’t even take my heart rate monitor, I just planed on taking it easy and having a fun day.  I had been invited on this ride by some friends in the Mt. Vernon … Continue reading

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Review: A Ride with George

I recently got a chance to see “A Ride with George” a feature-length documentary about George Hincapie.  If you don’t know who George Hincapie is you’re probably not a cycling fan, but he is one of the greatest American Cyclists … Continue reading

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Riding the RACK

BikeWorld in Paducah Kentucky is one of the Tri-State Area’s most established bike shops.  It is run by a guy named Hutch and he’s been promoting cycling and hosting rides probably longer then I’ve been alive.  Yesterday he hosted the RACK, or … Continue reading

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Max Powers

I was checking up on news from the world of bike racing, and come across this article about one of the all time greatest losers in cycling, Jan Ullirch.  Jan has got into Cycle Sportives which in America we might … Continue reading

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Status Report: August 8th

I ran yesterday because it rained out the mountain bike ride that I had been invited on.  I ran at 5:00 PM and it was still very hot.  I made a mistake of not putting on a synthetic shirt and … Continue reading

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Riders on the Storm

I just did a little research and found out that about 50-60 people die every year from lighting.  I thought I was going to be one of them today.  We took a 70 mile ride despite radar showing some scattered … Continue reading

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