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Dirty South West Side 2016 Epic Gravel Ride

Take an already epic course and add insane levels of wind and you have today’s Dirty South Gravel Ride.  Normally if it’s windy like this I’d opt for a mountain bike ride, or maybe just stay indoors, but the temperature … Continue reading

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The Legend of Chicago Bob

Weather was nice today and I got out for a road bike ride, I’ve been getting good time in on the trainer and on mountain bike rides, but not much on the road bike.  I drove out towards the hills … Continue reading

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Snake Creek Gap TT #2 Race Report Guest Post

One of the events that is popular with area riders is the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial series in Dalton GA.  It’s a 50 mile mountain bike time trial on all kinds of trails and since it takes place in … Continue reading

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February Follies and a New Idea

Well it’s President’s Day, that means we’re halfway through February, which is a month I hate and a month I love.  Why? I hate February because it’s typically the ice box of winter, this usually our coldest most snow filled … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t John Kasich the Frontrunner?

This is a bike blog, but this morning I have politics on the mind and not bikes, so you’ve been warned. New Hampshire dropped their latest primary yesterday.  Trump and Bernie, wow 6 months ago I never would have dreamed … Continue reading

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Why I like Bike Racing – 2016 Cyclocross World Championships

The reason why I like bike racing is probably the same reason most people like their favorite sport, unpredictability, but wait, there is so much more.  Cycling is so raw, once the lights turn green there are no time outs, … Continue reading

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Don’t Underestimate the Jackwagon

You could eat healthy all the time, but then you could never enjoy a Jackwagon.  What’s a Jackwagon you ask?  Good question.  A few days ago Shauna her Mom and Dad, and I went to The Mills Cafe for lunch. … Continue reading

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