Tour de Kota Day 6 and Final Thoughts

This tent made a great place to watch the water logged arrive.

What do you do on a bike tour when it rains?  You get wet.  Actually we were lucky on Thursday and beat the rain in, then we got to sit around watching it rain and watch the less fortunate people arriving to find their gear soaking wet.  Vermillion would have been one of the most interesting towns of the whole tour but the heavy rainfall forced us to get well aquainted with a dorm basement lounge where I wrote my last post. 

drip, drip, drip

Friday morning I woke up happy to find that the rains had gone and while everything was wet and the dew point was nearly equal to the temperature, at least we wouldn’t have to ride in the rain.  I wore my trusty rain jacket which proved to be an excellent outer shell on a damp and cool day. 

The standard pose.

The ride was supposed to be 77 miles but we found a short cut which made it come out to 66 miles.  It was the second shortcut we took on this tour, and my rear end thanked me for every mile saved.  This last day was probably the least interesting route, lots of riding in s straight line, and seemingly very flat and nothing to look at but grass.  This was how expected every day of the tour to be.   According to my Polar computer the ride was all uphill, but it never really seemed like we were climbing much.  There was a little wind but overall it was a great day despite the accumulated fatigue from a week of riding. 

 Now that I’m home and 410 miles later I can think back over the entire tour I have to say that the Tour de Kota was a really well ran event.  The communites were excellent, there was plenty to eat, plenty to drink and lots of support for those that needed it.  The riders I encounted on the tour were courteous and friendly and I made several friends on this ride, I’ll never forget The Animal, The Airforce dude, The Mayor of Hooterville, the Skinny Racer Kid, The Classic Italian Steel Artist, The Tech Girl.

I'm finally done riding!

All year I look forward to doing a bike tour, about halfway through the tour I look forward to the end of the bike tour, now that I’ve spent a day at home resting I look forward to the next tour.  If you like to ride bikes taking a supported bike tour should be high on your list.  Sure you could take a “real” vacation and sit on a beach all day, but what fun would that be.  Make your vacation an adventure, go ride your bike.


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3 Responses to Tour de Kota Day 6 and Final Thoughts

  1. Glad you had a good ride. It seems like I can never complete one of those week long tours without a rain day. Luckily, only one has been really miserable…..

  2. Steve says:

    Great report, as always. With the heat wave we’ve had in the Mid-Atlantic, it’s hard to believe there are parts of the country where leggings and vests are still in order! One of these days, I’ll need to sign up for one of these cycling tours. RAGBRAI comes to mind. In two weeks, I’m taking my annual vacation – to the beach!!! I intend to bring my bike with me, so hopefully that helps lesson the lameness of the trip a bit.

  3. Matt Gholson says:


    I’ve been really lucky on my tours and never been in that much rain, JC tells me that he’s done some where it rained nearly every day.

    Everyone up there asked if I was doing RAGBRAI and I might some day, but I don’t know if I could handle that many people. A running joke we had was when things were tough we’d say its still better then being at work, and then someone else would say it’s better then sitting on a beach. LOL

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