The Classic Biker Tan

The standard pose.

So I tricked took Shaundo into an easy hard ride today, it was 45 miles and we left at like 1PM so we could get the full brunt of the sun’s fury.  It wasn’t really that hot but the sun was strong.  Shauna did real well and we had around a 13.5 average speed, which is a big improvement for her. 

She was suffering at the end because of the tougher rolling climbs that this ride had and the fact that I was trying to train her to use momentum to get up the climbs.  My instructions were as follows, don’t worry about going downhill just coast, as

Shaundo is still happy

soon as you notice you’re slowing down pedal like crazy, I mean really dig deep and pedal your ass off, try not to let any of your speed go.  It seemed to work because she did these series of climbs way faster without shifting down and grinding up, but soon after she began to speak of a deep burning in her knees and quads.  May need to raise the seat a bit.  I’m happy to say that Shauna is getting stronger.

In turn for Shauna’s suffering I seem to have been struck with some suffering of my own, all of my jerseys but one have tight elastic sleeves; today I wore the one with loose sleeves which allowed much more sun to come up my arms and in turn burned my skin where it had been unexposed to UV radiation.


Now you’re probably going to say, Matt you should have been wearing sunblock.  Well yeah that would have been a good idea.  I rarely wear sunblock though, most of my rides are early or late and I’ve been riding early enough in the year to gradualy tan so that I don’t burn. 

Got an exciting plan for later this week, going to take my touring bike out loaded for a little tour.  I’m going to ride Tuesday with a kid so fast he’ll probably kill me.  Should be an exciting week.

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3 Responses to The Classic Biker Tan

  1. Steve says:

    Cultivate that tan! The unwritten story is how/when that photo was taken. The subject appears to be unclothed!!! Are you about to take this blog in a very new direction? :}

  2. James C Wise says:


  3. Matt Gholson says:

    No I wasn’t naked, just sagging my pants the way all the kids do these days, you know.

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