TdK Day 4 and 5

Hello, if you were wondering what happened yesterday I just decided I didn’t feel like getting out the computer and writing anything, I only took a couple of pictures so I’m doing a double day post.

Day 4:  It was a nice ride, had a few hills, had a shortcut which I took without any reservations.  For some crazy reason I went off on a tear near the end of the ride and was among the very first people to arrive at our destination, in fact I think I was the second.

Our destination was the small town of Freeman, and it was easily my favorite host town of the tour, even though it was the smallest.  People were exceptionally friendly.  People stood in their yards and shouted, “Welcome to Freeman,” we were given rides around town and camped at a beautiful park.  I love staying in small towns on tours because its such a big deal and the people are

Day 5:  It was the first morning of the tour that I didn’t want to get up.  I sit in my tent for 15 minutes thinking about how much I didn’t want to ride this morning.  It was cold this morning, low 50s in the morning when I left and never getting much warmer. The ride probably had the most hills of any day, lots of long gradual hills that I really enjoy climbing.  Did a little pace-lining today but we pretty much took it easy and kept the pace slow.  Since we weren’t hammering away in the front of the ride we rode with a totally different group of people. 

When we arrived at Vermillion to claim our camping spot it began to rain, our timing couldn’t have been better.  It turned out to be a good ride despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling like it.

Here’s some pictures


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