Status Report: August 8th

Notice the blank stare. My brain is still functioning on auto pilot after the run.

I ran yesterday because it rained out the mountain bike ride that I had been invited on.  I ran at 5:00 PM and it was still very hot.  I made a mistake of not putting on a synthetic shirt and wore a heavy cotton Tee.  I ran exactly 3.1 miles on the bike path and it came out to 38 minutes and something seconds.  I used my GPS for the distance and I think its accurate.  I’m going to run the track and see how far it thinks 12 laps are. 

I feel like I put more effort into this run then I have into any other but it was slower.  It may be that running on varied surfaces is harder?  Either way my clothes were completely soaked and my T-shirt gained became a heavy wet rag. 

My fancy pants graph here shows that my heart rate increased at a very smooth rate all the way to the end and that the terain was almost completely flat.  Looks like I had a dip in effort near the begining.  I think the biggest challenge to me in running is that unlike cycling you can never really relax.  Even when my Heart rate is only at a modest 130-140 beats I still feel like I’m in oxygen debt, I know I’m not because I’m not even getting close to feeling lactic acid build up, but I gasp for air none the less, 140 bpm  running feels like 170 bpm riding.  One good thing is that after the run my ankles, feet, knees, and pretty much everything felt fine. 

I’ve lost weight and am now coming in at a 233-231 depending on when I step on the scale.  One thing I’ve changed recently is breakfast.  I’ve been including some eggs in breakfast instead of just a fiber bar and whatever else I can find laying around.  I read that in a book somewhere plus it worked for Rocky.

This is my last week before I go back to school, which is good because as usual I’m getting bored.  I haven’t resorted to painting figurines yet, but I can see that comming.


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2 Responses to Status Report: August 8th

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve noticed similar heart rate patterns when I run – it quickly climbs to Zone 5 and stays there, gradually climbing as I move along.

  2. JC Wise says:

    running is all about pain management. I’ve never had lactic acid burn when I run. it just hurts all over. don’t get much of a burn riding either… I say leave the shirt off unless there is a chance you may scare women and young children. like they said in high school football: jocks and socks.

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