Mt. Vernon Kiwanis Fun Day Ride

all together for the start

With a name like the Fun Day Ride I didn’t even take my heart rate monitor, I just planed on taking it easy and having a fun day.  I had been invited on this ride by some friends in the Mt. Vernon Contiental Cycling Club who were going to run a double pace line.  I’ve never went on a ride with the express intent to ride in a pace line, let alone one with 20 people in it  My wife and Mom came as well but they didn’t want a part of the “pace-lining.”

Surprise, we're in a corn field

I was given a Continental Club jersey and the timing couldn’t have been better; all my jerseys are getting worn out or are too big.  These guys sure know how to make someone feel welcome. 

So the ride got going and our big group stayed together for awhile but local racing legend Rob Landes was there with some other leg shaver types and I was pretty sure they were going to be off the front soon and was right.  I see sawed back and forth at the back of the group trying to decide if I wanted to chase these guys down, I didn’t think I could ride with them, but I wanted to try so finally I took off. 

As an avid fan of continental tires I'm excited about riding with this sweet looking jersey.

I was moving along pretty good but the problem was they continued to get faster.  I was doing 25 and not catching up.  I finally connected up with them after chasing a few miles and while I was in the draft trying to catch my breath we turned.  The road ahead had two small hills but in my state I couldn’t hang on as they held 17-18 mph up the hill.  Completely out of breath and spent I drifted back and watched them  pull away.  To my emberasment I found out the hill I got dropped on was for an interstate overpass.  Weak.

It's the conti train!

So I spent the next 55 miles riding with the conti club and had a great time, the pace was strong and the group dymanic was very intersting.  I’ve never been in such a highly structured and cordinated pace line before.   

As for the actual Kiwanis Fun Day Ride, the turnout wasn’t great, it looked like maybe 100 people all together did the ride, not bad but not great either.  There were lots of stops but they needed more snacks.  The volunteers were were very friendly and there seemed to be lots of support on the ride.  The route was great for someone who doesn’t like hills and also perfect for riding pacelines, but I founds the roads to be a bit boring.  No disrespect but I think the farther South you go in Illinois the better it gets. 


Shauna had a great ride and did the 30 in about 2 hours, she wanted to do more but didn’t want to risk cracking out on the 67 mile course.  My mom did the 67 on her own since she didn’t feel like she could ride in the big group, she was actually going almost the same speed we were and catching us at every stop. 

So another weekend, another great ride, thanks to the conti guys for the jersey and inviting me, hope to do it again.


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3 Responses to Mt. Vernon Kiwanis Fun Day Ride

  1. Jim Russell says:

    I had that ride marked on my calendar, but I promised my wife I would take her to the Filipino party that afternoon since they had a pig roast. Apparently a Filipino pig roast is a big deal. So I rode for about two hours that mourning south of Harrisburg before leaving for the pig.

    It sounds like a nice ride, more hard-core riders than I would have expected, nice looking jerseys also. When I go to these types of rides it seem like I always ride by myself, I am not quick enough to stay with the fast riders, but faster than the really slow riders. Occasionally I can find a small group I can hang with.

    I plan on attending the Tour de Hope in Marion on September 24th; they had a decent turnout last year. The SRM memorial bike ride at Rend Lake College is September 17, but I must work; maybe some other time.

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