Max Powers

I was checking up on news from the world of bike racing, and come across this article about one of the all time greatest losers in cycling, Jan Ullirch.  Jan has got into Cycle Sportives which in America we might call competetive charity tours, or the Italian term, “Gran Fondo” is becoming popular.  Its not really race, its just a long hard bike ride where your time is recorded at the end, so its kind of like a race, well actually its just like a race. 

Anyway Jan went into this ride incognito with the pseudonym, “Max Kraft” which in German means Max Power.  Why this is so funny to me is that my brother always joked that his riding name would be Max Powers.  Sorry Jan he beat you to it.

In Gholson news it hasn’t been a real good week for me.  I did something to my foot running on Monday.  I ran 3 miles Sunday night, then 3 miles Monday night.  Tuesday morning I was limping around with what feels like a spained foot.  I moped around the rest of the week not doing much riding or anything else for that matter.  Today, in fact, in just a few minutes I’ve got to leave for my first day back to school.  Summer break is over and its back to real life.  Kind of a relief to be honest.  

Big Ride Saturday if it doesn’t get rained out, RACK, Ride Across Kentucky, a 54 mile trip from Paducah to Fulton then 54 miles back.  Storms are forecasted so I may just sit around and mope some more.

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2 Responses to Max Powers

  1. Jim Russell says:

    Sorry to hear about your foot; that is why I just hike and cycle. I was never very good at long distant running plus my old knees just don’t like running. I work this weekend so no riding for me. I was off Thursday and had plans that mourning but they suddenly fell through; so I went on a quick bike ride to Glen O Jones and back. Thought about giving you a call but it was fairly late, I didn’t leave until 11AM. It was a beautiful day for a ride, high in the low 80s. Hope your foot heals soon.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Thanks Jim, I’m feeling better today, going to continue to run but cut down, going to work on intervals running and not worry so much about how many miles I cover. You’re right about the weather it’s amazing right now. Stay in touch, but most of my riding now will be weekends and evenings since I’m back to work.

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