Amazing Journey and Great Sadness

Lets start with great sadness, over at Sherkat’s blog, in which a Southern Illinois racer writes about Team MACK, these is a report on a man named Randy Gillespie.  Randy recently died from injuries he recieved in the Webster Grove Criterium around a month ago.  He was a St. Louis area rider, I don’t know him personally but I heard about the crash at the Great Egyptian Omnium.  As a new cat 5 racer Randy was apparently having the time of his life and winning races.  His crash had no apparent cause.  My heart goes out to his friends and family.

Now for the Amazing Journey.  My friend and local biker, Eli went on an Epic trip out west this summer.  He attached his Mountain bike to his BMW motorcycle and spent a month touring some of the most beautful places in America.  He has wrote a bit about the journey and posted many photos on on the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association forum.  But I doubt he’d mind if I posted a couple here as well.   


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One Response to Amazing Journey and Great Sadness

  1. rlhoover says:

    Seeing pictures of mountains like that keep me going in order to find my own beautiful places. Thanks –Ron

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