Williams Hill with Jim and Mr. Cool

For a nice change of pace Jim took pictures on this ride and emailed them too me, here's a great shot headed into the sunrise.

Mom, Terry, Jim and I did the 57 mile Williams Hill circle Saturday.  Jim’s a local rider who has taken a few rides with us lately and is making leaps and bounds of progress.  It was Jim’s first time on Williams Hill, his first time past 50 miles I think, and by far the hardest bike ride he’s ever done.  I was really surprised he even attempted it, and to be honest a little worried.  I was hoping we wouldn’t need 911 before the end of the ride.  That’s not a knock to Jim’s fitness but it’s a really hard ride, especially for anyone who isn’t used to climbing.

I don’t think anyone had any serious trouble on the ride, and while I know Jim was working really hard to make those climbs and mentioned his knees were hurting it looked like he was going to make his first Williams Hill ride without incident.  Ironically I was the one with the incident.

Mom with her awesome new Orbea

My mom would say, that’s what you get for being Mr. Cool, and I was definitely being Mr. Cool.  We were nearly home and decided to take a new section of highway that is not yet finished.  There is a bridge on the road still a few inches higher than the incomplete road surface.  As we approached the bridge Terry said he was going to get off and walk over the ledge.  I said, “This is easy guys I’ve been through here several times, just pop your front wheel up and move forward so your back wheel has less weight on it. Watch how easy it is.”  I approched the ledge and began my front wheel lift, now this is something I do very regularly both road and mountain biking so I wasn’t even thinking about it, I slipped a bit and didn’t get a good lift. My front wheel hit the square edge of the concrete and blew out, then my back wheel slammed into and also blew out. 

For some reason Terry was calling me the Red Barron on this ride?

I expected to have two very bent rims but found that only the intertubes suffered.  The concrete edge was very sharp and resulted in front and rear pinch flats.  I was really surprised because i do this move all the time, earlier on this ride I had used the same move to lift my bike up a curb and it was super smooth.  I rode the bike home on the flat tires which was only a half mile,  something I normally wouldn’t do, but I was disgusted and couldn’t fix both anyway.  Thankfully Terry never rubbed it in as he rode beside, though he did mention how sharp that unfinished concrete is several times.

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2 Responses to Williams Hill with Jim and Mr. Cool

  1. Jim Russell says:

    Yes, I climbed William’s hill, finished the ride and I didn’t die. I believe I was speeding along at 3 MPH when I reached the top; I kept trying for a lower gear which I didn’t have.

    I guess since this is my first year of bike riding and I am 54 years old I am doing so-so. I played a lot of basketball when I was younger but apparently fast twitch muscles aren’t worth much on a long bike ride; every ride I do should help my conditioning or lack of it. The weather was fantastic and I had fun.

    I followed Matt over the curb and I only busted 1 tube; apparently Terry was the smart one here. I changed the flat, went home and rested my knees.

    • Steve says:

      Not dying is a worthy goal, one which many of my rides often devolve to. Congrats for hanging with Matt. By all accounts, the guys is certifiably nuts. As for the flat tires, having been tramautized by a lifetime of flat tires for no good reason, I never would have attempted the bunny hop on the bridge.

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