Don’t Underestimate the Jackwagon

The Jackwagon

The Jackwagon

You could eat healthy all the time, but then you could never enjoy a Jackwagon.  What’s a Jackwagon you ask?  Good question.  A few days ago Shauna her Mom and Dad, and I went to The Mills Cafe for lunch.  This is one of those local, “greasy spoon” type restaurants that I’ve heard everyone say good things about.  The menu offered lots of choices, but I was mainly focused on the 10 or so varieties of hamburgers they had to offer.  The Jackwagon is a hamburger on texas toast with pepperjack cheese, bacon and magical delicious sauce.  It was so, so, good.

The next day I went on a mountain bike with Drew, it was muddy, but benchcut trails were rideable but it took way more effort then usual.  Right from the beginning I felt a bit off.  The Jackwagon had been so filling that I had ate a small supper the night before and a small breakfast that morning.  My stomach had been unhappy  After the nearly 3 mile climb at the coon I was feeling weak.  On the way back I got lightheaded, hungry, thirsty, and dizzy.  The food and water I consumed felt like it wanted to come back up and I was was struggling to keep the bike moving and on the trail.  I was very happy to see the truck.

I bonked hard.  My body ran out of muscle and liver glycogen, and the food I ate didn’t feel like it was helping much.  With no fuel to burn my body decided I should take it easy.  I’ve experienced acid reflux on and off most of my life.  It tends to be triggered by large “bad for you” meals like a deep dish pizza, or a Jackwagon.  Drew suggested Omeprazole and now after 3 days of taking it regularly I’m feeling much better.


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2 Responses to Don’t Underestimate the Jackwagon

  1. jc wise says:

    you should google image search “bench cut trails”. it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    look like the benchcut trails I ride every weekend

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