Why Isn’t John Kasich the Frontrunner?

He even looks like a president, if I were casting a guy to be president for a movie I'd cast him!

He even looks like a president, if I were casting a guy to be president for a movie I’d cast him!

This is a bike blog, but this morning I have politics on the mind and not bikes, so you’ve been warned.

New Hampshire dropped their latest primary yesterday.  Trump and Bernie, wow 6 months ago I never would have dreamed these two would be winning primaries.  I was pleasantly surprised that Kasich got second and Jeb third.  I suppose there is a message or meaning in all this madness.  This is just my personal opinion, but I couldn’t see a bigger difference possible than what exists between Trump and Bernie.  My opinion of Trump really couldn’t be any lower, and I’ve felt like his candidacy has been joke, right up until I realized that people are going to vote for this guy.

I realized the other day that Trump is exactly the kind of guy that lots of old white guys would love to have as president.  He says exactly the same kind of stuff they’ve been saying for years, I call it Barbershop policy.  When you’re waiting in a barbershop with 5 or 6 old guys who can’t figure out what the hell is going on with their country you hear all kinds of interesting things.  Here’s a few I’ve heard as close to word for word as I can remember.  “Why are we messing around with this stupid Saddam Hussein and Iraq, why don’t we just Nuke Baghdad,”  how about this jewel, “Why are all these Mexicans everywhere, why don’t we build a wall and put a sniper every 100 yards and shoot everyone who tries to swim across,”  or this great piece of domestic policy, “What we need to do is put all the gays, drug attics, welfare bums, and criminals on an island and see how long they could survive.”  Gonna need a bigger boat.

Anyway, I haven’t followed this election too closely, but I really like to listen to what Bernie Sanders says, even though at the same time I’m not sure if America is ready for that kind of radical change.  Bernie makes a great candidate for a large part of the country and an absolutely horrible one for rest. I wish there was a good candidate for the whole country.  Someone closer to the middle, make concessions, make deals, get things done, make our great government function the way it’s suppose to, someone that while everyone doesn’t always agree with they can respect.  Like a politician!

I heard John Kasich speak during a radio interview the other day and my jaw dropped.  A republican that doesn’t sound like he’s pandering to people who never come down from their log cabin up in the mountains.  He sounded intelligent, thoughtful, and conservative. He said, and I quote to best of my memory, “Yes we need welfare reform, but while we’re at it we’ve got to talk about corporate welfare reform too.”   When asked about Bernie Sanders free college plan he said, “Yeah it sounds great, but hows it going to be free, someone has to pay for it, everything can’t be free.”  He went on to talk about some alternative ways to make college more affordable that weren’t just giveaways and made sense.

Here’s the real deal, Kasich is good with money, real good.

From wikipedia as governor of Ohio:

“During Kasich’s tenure, the state has eliminated a budget shortfall that his administration has estimated at $8 billion, but which the Cleveland Plain Dealer estimated at closer to $6 billion,[123] and increased the state’s “rainy day fund” from effectively zero to more than $2 billion.”

Wish I could read something like that about Illinois.

Before becoming governor of Ohio he was the chairman of the house budget committee and where in 1997, “Kasich rose to national prominence after becoming “the chief architect of a deal that balanced the federal budget for the first time since 1969.”

WHY ISN”T HE THE FRONTRUNNER!  WHY IS DONALD FREAKING TRUMP, a man whose greatest political asset is a great haircut and millions of free hats beating this guy who is everything a conservative could want!!!!!

WAKE UP REPUBLICANS, you’re voting for the next president of America, not a gameshow host!


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5 Responses to Why Isn’t John Kasich the Frontrunner?

  1. capejohn says:

    It’s early. Everything is going to change. I really think it’s going to be either Bush or Kasich against Hillary. Once we get through the crazies in South Carolina things will begin to settle down.

  2. Kimberlydawn says:

    Because he’s too smart and too logical. It seems like our country can’t handle that any more. He’s not “extreme” in any way.

  3. Gabe says:

    I agree entirely. I live in CA and if there’s still a chance for Kasich to make it out, I’ll be doing all I can to drum up the local vote.

    And let me tell you, I’m not very political. I’ve voted for write ins the last couple presidencies just because I don’t see the point.

    Kasich is the real deal. He’s a great politician and leader. This current farce of a primary has me embarrassed for our nation.

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