Philippe Gilbert: An image of suffering

If you don’t follow racing then you don’t know that you’re looking at two of the toughest hardmen of the pelotonFabian Cancellara and Philippe Gilbert.  Last year Gilbert was unstoppable winning classics, monuments and grand tour stages.  He was gobbled up at the end of the season by Team BMC for a huge increase in pay.

As you can almost guess his season so far this year has been a different story.  Just as Cancellara can’t figure out why Gilbert is flailing himself on this climb the collective cycling world can’t understand whats holding him back.  The classic season is waning and he has yet to win a race.  Instead Belgium’s other great hero Tom Boonen, has decide to get out the cocaine and car crashing playboy lifestyle and become a pro bike racer again.  He’s made a huge comeback winning Flanders and Paris Roubaix.

But wait, there is hope yet.  Tomorrow is the Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Gilbert won this last year and his form has shown definite improvement in his last few races.  Liege is a cool race, its a classic but has enough steep hard climbs so it seems like it can be won by the hardmen with climbing ability like Gilbert or the wispy tour contenders like Andy Schleck.

It’s going to be exciting.


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3 Responses to Philippe Gilbert: An image of suffering

  1. we was at John Browns on the square last night a local watering hole, they had hockey on the tv when it went off at 12am the La Fleche Wallonne came on i noticed quite a few people kept on watching it some even seemed interested in it, i got it recorded have not watched it yet, got Liege-Bastogne set to record tonight, heard a rumor might be getting a bike blog in the local paper soon! Brian was the hike leader sat!

  2. Steve says:

    As it turned out some Kazakh won the thing and the Belgians were not a factor. On to the tours!

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