Motion Computing LE1700

The posts concerning my experiments with the Motion M1400 tablet computer have been among the most popular I’ve written for this blog so apparently there are people out there interested in this stuff, so I’ve added a new tablet to the family, the LE1700

I usually have a race going on the center, keep the blog up to date on the right, and use left tablet to analyze routes and training data.

I recently spent about 3 hours a night in the hospital getting an antibiotic treatment and during this time I was relegated to my messed up M1200 tablet.  Let me explain.  My M1200 tablet which I purchased on ebay has a problem with the digitizer, which is part that captures the motion of the pen.  It has several lines up and down the screen that do not work without hitting the computer.  The best way I’ve found to make it work is to hit it with my head.  I’ve mainly used this computer at school for power points because if something happened to it I wouldn’t be out much, that and smacking it against my head to make it work is endless entertainment.  It wasn’t so funny when the nurse came in the room and caught me smacking the tablet against my head.

If you’re wondering how much head banging a tablet PC can stand, all I can say is that these Motion Computing tablets are amazing.  Both tablets have been dropped from high tables onto hard floors with only minor case damage.  I took one on a weeklong bike tour in my duffle bag, and I’ve hit the M1200 against my head more times then I could count.

The M1400 is a much better machine but shortly after I upgraded it to Windows 7 I started having this annoying problem where the mouse pointer would go crazy.  I was sure this was a hardware problem.  Recently the hard drive pooped out so while I was waiting for a warranty replacement I went nuts tablet shopping and bought a LE1700.  unfortunately when I dropped in the replacement drive and installed windows 7 again I had no problems and so far its been working perfectly.

Being a nerd,

The LE1700 has Core Duo processor, updated graphics with more resolution, is both thinner and lighter than the M1400.  It came factory refurbished in unbelievable condition, it could easily pass for a new machine.  The connections are laid out in a much more logical way, even the speakers sound better.  This is the first tablet I’ve bought that actually came in working condition which is why it cost more than my other 2 combined.  It has XP and so far its working so good I may not install Windows 7 for a while.

These tablet PCs have a major weakness when compared to the new line of small tablets like the Ipad: Battery life, you’ll be lucky to get two hours out of a new battery, it’s never been too big a deal for me since I use it plugged in most of the time, giving presentations.  If you find yourself giving presentations on a regular basis there is nothing better than a Tablet PC.


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