So… one night in camp on GOBA we were all sitting around talking and JC was trying to think of a good logo or image for Barn Door Cycling.  Someone, it might have been Jane had the idea of Kool-AId man, or maybe I said something about Kool-Aid man and she said I should put my face on him.  I decided not to put my face on him, because I didn’t want to scare little kids.


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5 Responses to Ohh YEEAAHH!

  1. JC Wise says:

    I like this but it needs to be more explodeeeee. knock out for the wheel too. you may have a tshirt…

  2. Matt Gholson says:


    I’m wondering if the owners of Kool-Aid man might have a problem with me using him on a T-shirt? Maybe if I told them I was fighting childhood obesity and diabetes.

  3. bobby smith says:

    i get a ford ecsape there relly nice and with hicth rack u could take bike too there good suv all around be great for big big guy like you have nice day

  4. max powers says:

    like bobby said i would buy ford esape there great and with a rack you could go anywhere to ride. and I seen lance driving ecsape with his yellow live strong bike on top too…hey have to say if good for lance its good me and you ….and i would know im pro too. keep rollin down the road buddy

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