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$5000 dollar camera vs. $500 camera

In 2001 Canon released the 1D professional Digital SLR camera.  It was far from the first DSLR, but it was the first that Canon had released as a flagship model indicating the slow death spiral of film photography.  This camera … Continue reading

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GoPro Hero3 and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

My daily check of google news revealed that GoPRO released a new camera recently, the HERO3 and they are fastest growing camera company in the world.  Cool. The promo video for the camera is stunning.  I highly recommend watching it all the … Continue reading

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Panasonic Lumix F3 broke in two days

I recently bought a new camera and spent some time writing up a review of it, it broke.  Well, that’s a little dramatic, actually the LCD screen started losing pixels at an alarming rate.  I returned the camera for a … Continue reading

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Panasonic Lumix F3 New Bike Camera

I broke down and bought a new bike camera the other day.  I’ve been using this old camera for years on rides.  I’ve been taking several mountain bike rides recently and after dealing with my old camera not working in … Continue reading

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