Cave Hill Exploration


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5 Responses to Cave Hill Exploration

  1. Mike McRoy says:

    at about the 505 mark in video u had already went past the trail that takes you down to the cave, i would say by now the trail is very faint to non existent that takes u to cave, when u were walking along the level ridge looking out over the fields u were coming up to trail that goes down to cave which u take downhill to the right or North , its before you start the steepest section that takes u to the top of the ridge

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Yeap, I saw a small pile of rocks and some orange tape around a tree right where you are talking about. I went a ways down, but didn’t have time to keep looking but I thought that might be it.

  3. dennis o says:

    My grandsons look over my shoulder when I check bike blogs. Do not appreciate getting flipped off. Drop me from your email list.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Hey Dennis, I went back and forth on including that in the video, I decided to leave it in since it was in jest and only on screen for a fraction of a second. The joke of course was my wife was uncomfortable when I asked how she was doing, she wasn’t flipping you off, I promise. Anyway, I’ll see if I can figure out how to remove you, though I’d ask that you consider my content for the last 7 years and ask yourself, how man times did I see a middle finger on barn door cycling. So again, my apologies.

  4. Drew W Blair says:

    Hey Matt and Shawnna, Great footage and as you already know, love to see people out there in the forest enjoying it like we all do! Keep up the great work and fun, Rhonda and Drew

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