Bontrager Gloves Suck

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5 Responses to Bontrager Gloves Suck

  1. Arend says:

    Bicycle builders – like Trek – should perhaps just stick to their core buiness. Sewing different parts together on the inside of a glove is just silly. Campa just started another clothing line and i wonder why. Greetings and a lucky new year. Arend

  2. Max Powers says:

    Bontrager offers road and mountain bike gloves for cycling in a variety of climates and conditions. On everything from half finger to full finger winter thermal gloves, we use durable materials and strategically placed padding for a natural fit that conforms to your hands Glove Back of Hand: 100% Polyester, Palm: 55% Polyurethane / 45% Polyamide, Lining: 65% Merino Wool / 35% Cocona 37.5 Polyester, Outer Glove Back of Hand: 90% Polyamide / 10% Spandex, Palm: 48% Polyester / 36% Polyamide / 12% PU / 4% Spandex and they got just because you don’t like Lance Armstrong you don’t have to make fun treks in bomb tiger stuff how dare you

  3. Max Powers says:

    Very sorry for leaving a negative comment like that I’m just tired a people picking on all the trek cycling stuff out there!! Just because of Lance Armstrong and yes he cheated but he cheated to win and Winning is Everything like the famous NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby I quote if you’re not first you’re last anyway me being a professional cyclist max power I’ve been using those gloves for a long time never have any issues and yes I’m sponsored I get mine for free maybe it’s just you being the writer using the wrong size of glove or could be the gloves don’t like your bike before you do your research on gloves get on the internet and see how many stars they got out of 5 and yes they have five stars just saying anyway I got another hundred miles to ride today this is Max power over and out happy trails and good luck on your little website you got here it makes me laugh hahahaha

  4. Colonel cool says:

    Mr. Gholson and barn door Cycling Company
    I was wondering is there anyway I could get a free estimate installing a barn door I need a 8 X 12 I’m free on Saturday just let me know what you pedaling up to the farm on the old Huffy??
    you must get a lot of exercise carrying your tools on your back from job site to job site using your bike!!
    must save on over cost on projects thank you have a
    good day

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