How I Zwift Race

So I line up for a race on Zwift last night.  I’ve got about 1 minute before the race starts and I’m completely cold, zero warm up.  I’m in D class so that shouldn’t be too big a deal right?  BANG, were off.  I try to hold back, don’t want to blow.  Yeah right, I want to stay in the group.  400 Watts and in 10 seconds I’m feeling side splints, and my legs are hurting in crazy ways.  I’m in like 20th place.

I’m hanging in the C group and we’re doing like 250 watts, and my heart rate is barely up but I’m in crazy pain and can’t catch my breath after the cold 450 watt sprint from the line.  I’m in danger of throwing a rod.   I decide to chill and slide down to the next group.  After a minute of soft pedal I’m doing better and slot in with 3 riders.  I do zero work, just hanging on in the back, when they allow me to drift to the front I just slow down.

After about 5 minutes of this I’m feeling much better, one guy wants to drop us.  I chase him down and then sit on his wheel.  5 minutes later the other guy, same thing.  You fools are stuck with me!  I’m in 26th place now.

We begin reeling in people from the front groups and a few guys reel us in because I’m actively slowing down the group.  We now have 5 riders one of which is named T.REX  He’s feeling frogy and attacks on a hill.  I go with him and just hang on the wheel.  I can imagine him screaming, come on man, pull, when he starts to loose power but I just coast and he gives up.

Eventually T.Rex goes and I don’t chase thinking someone else should, but he gets way ahead.  This is the second lap of 4.  After about a minute I go to the front for the first time and pull the group back to the dinosaur.  He’s got to be fuming.

Third lap, my repeated stupid efforts have hurt me and I’m not really feeling like racing the last lap.  About halfway through this lap I launch myself off the front and go hard for 5 minutes and the group behind me splinters.  I’m aiming for the rider about 30 seconds ahead.  Right before I catch him he stops and gets off, FOILED.  I’m blown, and finish the lap at 100 watts dropping to last place.

So not that different from how I ride in real life!


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1 Response to How I Zwift Race

  1. Moe says:

    This is awesome! Your exciting tactics are great. I think if you try to take it too seriously, the fun would drop.

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