A Fake New World

I like to read, and I enjoy science fiction, sadly I feel like today’s world is becoming difficult to discern from science fiction.  As 2017 draws to a close and I reflect on this year here are a few highlights.

A female robot became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, a country that treats its women like property, so I guess that makes sense.

Bitcoin, a cyptocurrency that I can’t even begin to understand is now selling at around $13,000 each.  Around 2013 a friend of mine was bitcoin mining and used some of the coins that he’d collected to purchase an expensive Lego set online.  This was when bitcoins were worth maybe 10 bucks each.  He was annoyed because at the time they were worth about $100 and he joked that he’d paid about 3000 dollars for a Lego Death Star.  I looked into it after talking to him,  in fact I had even joined a pool and set up a mining program on my computer.  After a few days I decided this was a waste of electricity.

A private company now has rockets that can land and be reused, just like the way Marvin the Martian’s rocket landed.

Elon Musk, not only handled the landing rocket thing, but he also has electric cars that I guess are suppose to drive themselves, he is digging tunnels underground, and he is building a vacuum tube to shot people around in.  He said that AI is the most dangerous thing we will face in the future, and yet he’s working hard to make a great AI to drive his cars.  This guy is freaking me out.

Crazy North Korea has nuclear bombs and ICB missiles, as soon as they figure out how to put them together… Don’t worry we have 6997 more then they do.

There was a solar eclipse, it was pretty cool.

Mass shootings committed with military style rifles are now a regular thing.  The reaction to these shootings are to “load up” on guns and ammo.  The only real action our leaders seem willing to take is loosen gun control, because the only way to stop a crazy person from shooting more people is to make sure everyone else is armed and dangerous.  Making it harder for crazy people to buy guns doesn’t seem to be an option.

Houston was flooded by the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, and sea levels are raising every year, and ice is melting, and every (real) scientist and  now 68% of Americans think the climate is getting hotter due to human activities.  Oh but here’s the kicker only about 45% of Americans are worried about it.

Sexual harassment seemed to be a pretty popular pastime for many powerful men who are now taking well deserved vacations and golfing more frequently.

Speaking of golfing frequently…

We survived a year with President Trump, the man who invented the word fake.  For those of us who follow current events what Trump is doing shouldn’t be a surprise, and yet I am surprised by him almost every day.  He ran as a populist, heck he’s still running as a populist, I think it’s safe to say that he’s never actually stopped running.  One year in and he’s still holding campaign rallies, he still wants to lock up Hillary.

Yet he governs as a mainstream conservative, saying he actually governs is a bit of a stretch, but his main goals seem to be small government, low taxes, and strong military.  What I find tremendously frightening is how little he and his government ministers seem to actually care about the government, in fact it wouldn’t be out of line to say that most of the people he puts in charge of agencies would like to see those agencies destroyed.

Daily the audacity of Trump’s hypocrisy amazes me.  He will attack those ruthlessly who have been accused of the same sexual harassment as he has, and yet he has been recorded bragging about his actions.  He will then hold a rally to support someone accused of even worse transgressions.  While he tweets daily about fake news and the special council’s Russian witch hunt against him, more and more damning evidence of collusion comes to light.

I could go on and on about Trump’s actions, but there’s no point.  For many people politics are tribal, politics are religion; they defy reason and logic, they defy facts, and while they may be fake their consequences are very real.

Maybe I should just take my soma and relax.


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Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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