Enforced Civility on Zwift

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been recently I haven’t totally stopped riding.  I just haven’t had much passion for cycling since I finished riding a tour back in June.  I did have a good July, but in August I nosed dived and really didn’t ride much at all in Sept, and October.  I got back on the mountain bike some this fall, and enjoyed it to some extent, but I haven’t really wanted to ride with my mountain biking pals for various reasons.  The biggest one being time.  I just don’t want to spend 5 hours in the woods right now, my time is so limited as it is.


As for the blog, if I’m not riding, and not really thinking much about riding, then I don’t have any content for the blog.  So unless you want to hear about my opinions on gun control, the disaster of an incompetent president, or my musings on wheter I should buy L series lenses or a new body

I didn’t go to any of the Fall rides I usually go to, just not interested and I would have sucked anyway.  There were personal things going on that took up a great deal of my time as well, travelling to Evansville frequently for IVF treatments that ultimately didn’t work for us.  It put a damper on my spirits, but as the famous poster says, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Well its cold outside so I’m back on zwift and I did something new today.  GROUP WORKOUTS.  It was kind of like my cycling dream realized in some ways.  If you’ve ever tried keeping a big group ride together you know its a big chore.  It’s nearly impossible to keep everyone together.  The new Zwift group workouts somehow enforce civility, though I’m not sure exactly how.

So the one hour group workout led 116 riders through a series of intervals on mixed terrain.  I was usually in the middle of the group and sticking close to the assigned wattage and cadences.  I noticed if I put out more effort I would pass, naturally, though perhaps it seemed a bit like I was hooked to the rider in front of me.  I noticed on downhills where I usually start to OUTMASS the lighter riders I was drifting to the front but not drifting off the front like usual.

The real big change was on steep climbs, it felt like we were roped off and belying each other up the hill.  Zwift must have been manipulating riders weight and drafting numbers to keep everyone together, yet it seemed mostly subtle and didn’t make it feel like we were all attached except for on the steep climbs where it would be most noticeable.

I really enjoyed the group workout, since most group rides in Zwift, and the real world tend to splinter off the moment hills come into play.  For the first time in a few months I’m excited to ride again, even if its just in my computer room.


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3 Responses to Enforced Civility on Zwift

  1. mrhargis says:

    Workout mode on zwift keeps everyone together no matter the wattage they are putting out. I haven’t done a workout yet, but that’s what it does through the miracle of technology … according to the info on their website.

    Glad you’re riding again. Time is a huge issue here too. Sometimes it’s just easier to spend 30 minutes on the trainer rather than getting ready to ride outside… or drive to a trailhead… etc.

    I hope something works out for you all on the ‘child’ front. I have friends who had done every treatment available and then things happen naturally. Don’t give up or get down. Take care!

    • Matt Gholson says:

      thanks! At least we know we tried everything that we could. Zwift makes me want to train again, and I’m loving riding my goofball carbon bike on the trainer, which was your idea by the way. I didn’t even consider using this bike on the trainer until you mentioned it.

  2. Glad it’s getting you motivated to ride again! 🙂

    I’m yet to try the new workout mode on Zwift, but it looks great! I’ve been doing the normal workouts and group rides/races (and the Zwift Academy) and it’s certainly improved my fitness levels.

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