My 80 Dollar Cervelo

I bought this frame on ebay for 40 dollars with 40 dollars for shipping.  It came with a Ultegra crank and 105 derailleurs.  I have a basement full of junk bike parts and had no problem piecing together a working bike when I got around to it.  Only part I had to buy was a seatpost for 10 bucks  from ebay.

Cervelo 1

The frame was broke when I got it and I fixed it with a carbon layup after sanding out the damaged area.  I’ve ridden it twice now with no ill effects.

The frame is a Cervelo R 2.5 which I think is considered the worst bike Cervelo ever made.  It apparently had a problem with coming unbonded.  It’s lugged carbon which is kind of cool since that’s rare these days.  The previous owner sanded all the paint off and wrote, Fresneck on the downtube, and Solid on the top tube. Which is kind of neat.  I’ve been just playing around painting it Dario Peggoretti style with nail polish.  Eventually want to build up several layers of color.

cervelo 2

Hard to judge the ride with the junk wheels on it now, but it’s not heavy even with them. Stiffer than the Tarmac I’m riding, but not by much and I think most of what I’m noticing comes from the seatpost.  Geometry seems a bit weird, its way longer then I’m used to, but I put a long stem on it and slammed it so that can be changed easily.  It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden 39/53 crank.  Don’t really miss them, though it was nice to actually use the little ring.  Speedplay pedals feel like riding on ice to me.

I’m not going to trust this bike for long rides, it’s really meant for the trainer, but its a sweet ride for 80 bucks.


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2 Responses to My 80 Dollar Cervelo

  1. Shawn Moore says:

    That is pretty awesome! Just remember though, layers of paint will add up some serious grams. You could add .01 lbs before you know it. 😉 Lugged carbon…. I thinkTrek made some lugged carbon frames that had some serious issues with the bonds failing too.

  2. mrhargis says:

    Great find. Perfect for the trainer. As for the Speedplay Pedals, they do feel that way until you get used to them. I love mine. Of course, I’ve only ever used speedplay on my road bike… but I remember those early days. Other than that, I’ve only used spd mountain pedals and Crank Bros. Candy on my cross bike. I might be interested in the pedals if you want to sell them…

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