Great Trails, Great People, Great Ride

When it comes to mountain biking I’m not as hardcore as some of the oldschool OG riders like Drew and Joe, who ride the trails in any condition and any weather all year round.  I’m a fair weather rider, I much prefer the road in the summer so I don’t come home covered in ticks and poison ivy.  Plus I struggle with overheating when it’s humid.  September through December is my favorite time to get back on the trails.


I got an invite to ride with Moe and the guys this weekend, but I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  I have developed a cold and Saturday morning it was hitting me hard.  I felt like crap, but I drank a bunch of water, took some cold medicine and went for it, I’m glad I did.

We parked on Neighbors road and took the awesome new bench cut down into Hayes Creek Canyon.  These trails are often hammered from the massive amount of horse traffic in here.  When it’s wet huge sections are nigh unrideable, filled with deep horse hole bogs.  With the current dry weather we were blessed with some fast rolling super fun, flowy benchcut goodness.  We went west on the 31 (C3PO) all the way to Cedar Grove then rode some the excellent fast benchcut on that side, avoiding the Ruby.


We hung up our steeds at Crow Knob and took some photos, I may have showed a bit too much skin.  On the 001 heading towards Petticoat we encountered a couple young ladies on horseback, they calmly and pleasantly trotted their beasts right by us with no alarm.  In their group behind them two older men struggled with their animals and spent a few minutes coaxing them to walk past us.  They were all friendly and we shared the trails.


My last mountain bike, you may remember, ended with me in a near catatonic state, but on this ride I was feeling great, right up to the 3 hour 15 minute mark, then fatigue hit me and I struggled up the mile climb to the truck.  Good thing though it was nothing like last time, I was fine.

It turns out one of the best remedies for a cold is extreme exercise.  All of the symptoms went away during the ride.  Sadly they all came back on the drive home.

Thanks to Moe for sending me the pics.

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1 Response to Great Trails, Great People, Great Ride

  1. Drew Blair says:

    Looks likes you all had a great time, nothing like the Shawnee Eastside Sept thru March! Joe and I are probably riding Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10AM if anyone is interested.

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