Tour de Pharmacy Review

I like Andy Samtour de pharmacyberg and I was highly anticipating “Tour de Pharmacy” after seeing the trailers for it.  I have to admit that I was kind of let down.  Sure it had some funny bits, but ultimately I just found it kind blah, and don’t think I have a problem with them making fun of cycling.  In fact I laughed the hardest when Jeff Goldblum says, “there are literally hundreds of dollars in prize money, dozens of fans, the stakes a medium,” I couldn’t help but crack up even though I’d already seen that bit.

I suppose my actual problem with the movie is that all too often it jumped over the line from clever to stupid.  I think I would have really found much of the material hilarious 10-15 years ago.  I was expecting something more along the lines of “This is Spinal Tap,” and less like a drawn out R rated SNL sketch.  There is so much that is ridiculous in professional cycling that it shouldn’t be hard to fill a feature film, and “Tour de Pharmacy” is only 50 minutes.

I suppose I went into the film with far to high expectations, I was expecting something like a comedy version of “A Sunday in Hell,” but instead got a series of mostly unrelated “dick and fart jokes” to borrow a phrase from Kevin Smith.

Maybe my love of cycling does tarnish my take on the movie, critics loved it and it has a 92% at rotten tomatoes.  If you get a chance watch it and let me know what you think.

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