Tour de Corn / Laserjet 4 / Snorkeling

It’s raining…


Today’s post is an update about what I’ve been up to so far this week.  Lets start with the cycling.


Last Saturday I went with Luke and Jo-L to Tour de Corn, one of my favorite rides of the year.  Luke asked me when the ride started and I replied 8AM completely sure of myself.  We arrived at Eat Prairie MO at 7:40.  I immediately wondered where everyone was at, maybe the ride stars at 8:30 I thought.  Then it hit me, this ride starts at 7:30.  What an idiot.


So Luke and Jo-L went to sign up.  I was suppose to be doing the 100 mile with Luke but was having second thoughts, while they were signing up I went to hit the restroom at the nearby store, they thought I’d already left and went looking for me.  At 8:15 I realized they were already gone so I just started riding, as soon as I turned North I encountered a huge headwind I put my head down, laid my forearms on the tops and I just ground, I ground and I ground. I stopped once for about 20 seconds to grab two cookies.  I never refilled my bottles and I rarely got out of the drops.  I felt like the 60 mile ride was all that I needed.


For the next 3 hours I worked my way from 45 minutes behind the start of the ride to close to the front.  It was interesting to me.  Despite the big headwind almost everyone was riding in groups of two or three and spread out across the lane.  I eventually got caught by a Wood and Wave group after blowing by the Charleston stop.  I couldn’t outpace the three of them alone though I had no problem lounging in their draft.


I get attached to things I guess, when I was a kid I nearly cried when we traded in our old reliable TV for a new fancy one with remote control.  I hate to throw things away and I suffer for it sometimes.  Like, take this drawer, its full of cables, power adaptors, network cables and a 8 port switch.  Unless I plan on setting up a computer lab or hosting LAN parties I probably don’t need this crap.


So I’ve been needing to print some things and I have this great ancient Laserjet 4 Plus printer that was made in 1994.  It has a page count of 379,000 pages.  This is a hardcore printer, like it cost 1500+ dollars when it was new.   I mean this is a beast, in fact just think about how crazy this thing is, it’s 23 years old and it works natively with Windows 10.


Well I was just about to toss it the other day.  It was printing horribly and jamming alot.  Before chucking it to the curb I decided to try and fix it.  I bought some new exit assembly rollers, and I took it apart cleaning it out.  I took the laser assembly apart and cleaned all the toner and dust off the mirrors.  I came to the realization that the toner cartridge wasn’t working right even though it was almost brand new.   I cleaned the Transfer roller, but still had spotty printing.  New toner cartridges can be purchased for 20 bucks so I tried that.  After all my hard work I’m glad to say it’s printing like brand new.



Oh and I cleaned out my drawer.



And finally I’ve picked out a new hobby, I bought a Snorkeling set.  Well I bought this ancient snorkeling set from the Salvation Army Store.  The rubber disentegrated in about 15 minutes but, wow, what a great 15 minutes.  I spent about 4 hours researching snorkeling and bought a Snorkeling set from Amazon for 35 bucks.  Wow, what amazing fun.  I’ve always hated swimming, it’s so slow and I usually feel like I’m going to drown.  With these finds and a snorkel I feel like I can swim all day and if I get tired I just lay there in the water and catch my breath.  I’m like AQUAMAN, minus the green tights.


We’ve been going to Pounds Hollow and I’ve been swimming around the lake.  The other day when we went the beach was full of people, Shauna said many of them were amazed when I passed the roped off area and went across the lake.  “Can he do that,” one person asked.  “Isn’t he going to drown?” another person said.  “That’s where the snakes are,” a kid said.

I’m really looking forward to going snorkeling somewhere where I can see further then 12 inches.




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