Mysterious Weakness Strikes Again

I have systematically removed all weakness from my body, so it is rather shocking when I’m struck by a debilitating case of massive weakness.  I rode in the 6th Little Egypt Time Trail last night.  It was a partial gravel ride, starting at Blue Sky and going up the horrible Buffalo Gap road.  While climbing the short mild hill to get to the start line I nearly turned around and went home.  I couldn’t catch my breath, my shoulders were sagging and I had a great deal of tightness in my left arm.  I looked down to see my heart rate was all of 145 beats.

To give a comparison, my average heart rate for a 3 hour ride at the Tour de Corn was a 152.  At no time in that entire ride did I feel as bad as I did climbing up to the start line last night. My average heart rate for the 40 minute TT was 141.

I found it nearly impossible to ride in the drops, my arms and shoulders felt like they were being squeezed.  At several times during the race I just shifted into an easy gear and spun, sitting up.  Seconds into the race I discovered a thirst that would not be quenched.

Several clues lead me to believe I had become massively dehydrate, my blood pressure was very low that entire evening.



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