Nashbar Touring Rebuild

I built up a super cheap Nashbar Touring Bike about 5 years ago, then dismantled it a couple years ago to build up a Jake the Snake.  I’ve recently built back up the Nashbar and have been riding it in preparation for some loaded touring.


Here’s the frame as I found it hanging on the wall.


Here it is all cleaned up.


Here it is from today’s ride out to Glenn Jones.  I went with 8 speed Dura Ace that used to belong to the one and only Snakeman the most famous rider I know.  These Dura Ace shifters and derailleurs have at least 20,000 miles on them, but after a little clean up they are working great.  For gearing I went with a compact double and a 32-11 cassette which is low but not low enough.  Snake had modified the 8 speed Dura Ace rear deraileur with a medium cage that allows for a 32T cog.  That’s pretty unique.  Since I can’t use a triple crank with these derailleurs I’m thinking of using the inner and middle rings of a triple and leaving the outer ring empty, but that would necessitate buying a 46T chainring.


I’ve also got Snake’s old B17 saddle on there, which has seen better days but is proving to be incredibly comfortable.  The brakes were a recent addition from my buddy RyanT XTR v brakes with sweet cam action.  They needed travel agent adapters for the road levers.  I went with Contiental Gatorskin 28s which I hope will roll a bit better than the 32s I used last year.    I also bought a Velocity Dyad rim and built it up to a 105 36 spoke hub to make a hopefully BOMBPROOF rear wheel.


The good news is the bike works great, the bad news is that it weighs a ton.  The steel Nashbar fork is like 1200 grams and the rear wheel with the mountain bike cassette is heavy.  I haven’t weighed the bike but I’m guessing its around 27 lbs.  I’ve got about 200 miles on it now and while it cruises good on the flats you can really feel the weight on the climbs.  My hope is that loaded down it won’t matter and the long wheel base will be a benefit.


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2 Responses to Nashbar Touring Rebuild

  1. jc wise says:

    did you go up the steep side?

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