Matt’s Jogging Log

After a dismal showing at the first time trial of the year I decided to mix things up a bit and start jogging again.  Haven’t jogged in a couple years.  Here’s my log so far.

Friday 4/21
1.2 miles 19 minutes.  15.8
It’s late, long day at work, it’s dark.  It’s kind of cool and windy.  Put on my hiking shoes and leave my front door.  Jog for a few minutes.  Feet feel like they are being pounded by sledgehammers.  Heart rate at 150.  Must stop.  Walk for a while.  Jog some more.  This sucks, why the hell am I doing this.

Saturday  4/22
2.5 miles in 41 minutes. 16.4
It’s raining.  I put on my jacket and drive to rail trail.  God this sucks.  I try to do a few minutes of jogging with a few minutes of walking.  Mostly just walking at the end.

The next morning I wake up with extremely sore ankles and certain muscles in my leg that are stretched way out of shape.  Ride a 60 mile killer gravel route and have the time of my life.  Riding is 1000x times better than jogging. 

Tuesday 4/25
1.9 miles in 30 minutes 15.8
Shauna and I go for a walk on rail trail.  I jog, run into Elam on his bike.  Am very jealous.  He follows and talks to me while I try to talk back while sucking in liters of air.  Running sucks.  Feet still hurt, but new running shoes feel much better than hiking boots.

Thus 4/27
2.6 miles in 41 minutes 15.8
Well its 60 degrees, guess I’ll run again.  Leave from house.  Concrete sidewalks are hard.  Jog the first mile straight thanks to a powerwalking girl up ahead that I wanted to try and catch.  Mission accomplished.  Time to walk.



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