Repairing Aluminum Frame With Carbon

Back in early 2014 I fixed a crack in my Ksyrium Elite rear wheel by wrapping it in carbon.  3 years later I still ride those wheels and probably have put at least a couple thousand on them though they are currently on my spare bike.  The repair shows no signs of failure yet.

Repairing Aluminum with Carbon Fiber

Aluminum Wheel Repair with Carbon

A while back I was riding my JAKE THE SNAKE, and I could hear some strange klunky noises on big bumps.  After the ride I saw that the seat tube had cracked.  Actually the seat tube has had a tiny crack in it since I bought the frame on ebay.  The frame has a small dent and in the middle of the dent was a tiny little crack.  I rode it for 3 years like that.


Since I was riding gravel Sunday morning I decided to attempt a carbon wrap around the tube.  I didn’t waste time trying to carefully remove the paint.  I just ground it off haphazardly.  Next I drilled holes in the ends of the crack which now wrapped around the tube.



I treated the frame with aluminum treatment so epoxy would stick and I haphazardly begin wrapping epoxy smeared carbon around the frame.  Once I’d wrapped it twice I wrapped the whole section tightly in electrical tape to flatten and squish out the epoxy.  The next morning I rode the bike on 60 miles of intense gravel hills.  It seems fine.


The center of a seat tube on a bike is very low stress.  right…


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