New Bike Day

Yeah, I should say, New to Me Bike Day, see awhile back Luke gave me his Scott Scale frame because he didn’t have room for it and last time he tried to sell one of his bikes the prospective buyer gave him a hard time about it’s condition, “Did you tie this bike to your bumper and drag it to the trailhead.”


See in the Shawnee bikes are for riding, not polishing and looking at, and when you ride a bike in the Shawnee everyone knows it.  This Scott frame is in excellent shape for a Shawnee bike, Luke really took care of it.  It had only minor paint damage and the fork is very smooth, yeah that’s right, I got a fork too!  Even cooler this is the bike he did the Tour Divide on, it’s a collector’s item!


I built the frame up as a 1×9 this morning, with a selection of parts that were also given to me by Luke, Eli or Snake.  I did buy the crank from ebay, but that’s it.  I don’t know what it weighs but it was definitely easier to hang on my rack.  There are very few things as exciting as taking a new bike you just built up on it’s maiden voyage.  It’s important to have a multi tool and be prepared for bolts you forgot to finish tightening.

I took it out to Gossage this evening and rode some trails.  The smaller bike felt much more nimble than the larger heavier SCUD, and the suspension fork was a welcome relief to my hands, besides that it made going downhill much more fun.  After about 8 miles of trails I took the bike on some gravels and eventually blasted back on the highway so I could make a bigger loop and avoid doubling back.


I should also mention that my assumption last week about Strava’s fittness numbers proved true.  By riding mild 30 minute trainer rides I was able to keep my fitness level up while at the same recovering fatigue.  My current fitness is 51, just a 1 point gain from last week, but my current form is up 30 points to 26.


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4 Responses to New Bike Day

  1. D D E says:

    Matt – Any thoughts/recommendations for multiple bike rack? Currently laying four bikes in back of pick up truck.

  2. Kate says:

    People who sell blemish-free mountain bikes always make me wonder where the heck (or if) they rode them.

    Congrats on the new bike! I remember that weird mannequin guy from the race we did last September.

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