Cycling Ink T-Shirts

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daniel from Cycling Ink letting me know he was a fan of the blog, and had mentioned me in his blog.  That’s always exciting to hear, but it got even better.  Daniel has opened a shop selling cycling themed shirts and mugs and asked if I would be interested in letting my readers know about some of his designs.  Is this a chance for me to take more pictures of myself?  I thought.  “You betcha, I would love to plug your shirts Dan!”


So I went to his webstore and looked around.  There is a range of designs, and something I’m sure everyone would find appealing.   When I saw the  High Revolutions Distressed T-shirt I knew that was my favorite.  It’s a classic simple design that’s not to busy and has vintage style.  I like vintage style!


My second favorite is the Velodrome Du Montet design.  I’m a sucker for nostalgic old images like this, and a big fan of early twentith century Art Nouveau posters.


Another design I find interesting is the Gravel Bike design.  As a big proponent of gravel riding I’m excited to see a design dedicated to the new craze of adventure gravel bikes.


As far as a review goes it’s pretty straight forwards.  The shirts seem to be of excellent quality, they are 100% cotton, double stitched and generously sized.  The print quality is great too.  Besides men’s t-shirts, Cycling Ink has hoodies, womens Ts, tank tops, hats, and mugs available with their unique designs.  If you’re looking for something to let everyone know you’re cycling crazed then I would check out what Cycling Ink has to offer.


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