Double Down Saturday

Imagine being out on February 11th in short sleeves and shorts.  In fact it’s 8 PM and I’m still comfortable in short sleeves and shorts.  I started off this morning on my road bike as the sun came up enjoying the 50 degree weather.  I looked to my left at the hills Southeast of town and saw the sun coming up, it made for a nice shot, or at least would have if I’d had a real camera instead of the horrible camera on my cellphone.


With a steady and by steady I mean slow, 20 miles in I was home and had a couple hours to help out around the house and try to make things a bit more presentable when some family arrived tonight for my birthday.  Yeah I turned 38.

So at 10 I met up with Joe and Drew, and went out for round two, in the woods.  When I mentioned to Drew I needed to be home by 2 PM, he said he could do better and drop me off right now.  What a guy.  No of course Drew and Joe are always ready to accommodate the needs of their riding companions, considering their are so few of us.


We went to the Henry Hicks entry to One Horse Gap and rode the new benchcut to the Gap, which is rocky and rough but being a new benchcut trail it is very rideable and doesn’t have super steep sections.  Also Drew and Joe have been working hard to cut out branches and logs so the trail keeps rolling.    Once we arrived at the Gap I requested something other then the typical out and back so we did some of the 001 to Bill Hill and rode the 6 sisters.  This old trail is rough and has lots of leg breaking short steep climbs, compounded with the soft trail conditions it was a challenge.


The Six Sisters is a smooth and wide gravel trail that features six short but crazy steep climbs.  Its always impressive to see guys ride these on single speeds.  Joe pulled off one of his signature moves on the Six Sisters, he stuck his front wheel on a downed tree limb and went over the bars.  Joe uses flat pedals and the few occasions I’ve seen him endo he simply just steps off the front of bike and lands on his feet.  In this case the bike came to a rest behind him and I was like, don’t move until I get a picture.


Four hours of ride time Saturday has left me a beat, but Sunday the temps are looking to be in the 50s so it’s hard to say no to more riding.


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Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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