32564355775_d32b724730_zAs a rule I’m not a night person, I’m generally asleep by 10:30 but its 12:33 AM on a Saturday morning and I’m so wide awake that I’m not even blinking.  Roughly 24 hours ago I woke up with an intense sore throat followed by the general feeling that something foreign had completely taken over my head.  20 hours ago I gave up trying to sleep and got ready to go to work.  To make it through work I went a bit heavy on the caffeine, taking in somewhere near a gallon of caffeinated beverages during the day, much of it in the Mt. Dew variety.   Sudafed, and I mean the real stuff that you’ve got to sign over your life to get, has compounded the stimulate effect.  In short I’m wired.

This is such a weird feeling to be incredibly tired and at the same time incredibly wide awake.  Maybe a bit of writing will help me fall asleep.  Lets see where to start…

Cycling this week has been weak, only a couple of trainer rides and 26 miles.  Earlier in the week I was dealing with very sore neck and shoulder muscles which baffled me until I realized it came from switching my trainer bike from an upright position to an aggressive road bike position.

I am the proud owner of a Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens for my Canon cameras.  On the full frame 5D it’s a monster ultra wide.  I bought this lens for wide angle video and long exposure starscape photography.  I got a chance to go out and use the lens Wednesday night and am super psyched about what it can do.  Not much of a portrait lens though.

night matt shadow


Well lets see, still wide awake.  I’ve been reading Elden Nelson’s AKA The Fat Cyclist, book entitled Comedy Mastermind.  In getting the url to post I noticed that The Fat Cyclist blog is now closed.  See I have a confession.  While I enjoy writing my bike blog, I never ready anyone one else’s bike blog even the real big time famous ones like fat cyclist or bike snob or whatever.  I guess I’m just self obsessed.  I did read some fat cyclist years ago, on and off and while it was high quality I never really got into it.

Elden goes by the name “Fatty” which really kind of ticks me off since his “fat” weight is 190 something, though claims that’s nearly 50 pounds overweight for him.  I mean comeon dude, I weighed 190 when I was in the sixth grade.  Anyway his book is pretty much just the highlights of his blog and there is some really funny stuff in there, but there’s alot of filler.  He spends a few pages covering how his blog goes from a few readers daily to a few thousand and how he became nearly a household name in cycling, but then it’s just reprints of his blog posts.

Well its 1AM now and I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy.  Umm… I took a vow on facebook to never post about politics or comment on political posts again.  I’m holding strong so far but I’ve had to sit on my hands a few times.  You know I’m jsfj]dppppph]geeeee.


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