Zwift Setup and Warm Winter Hike

Here’s a picture of the Zwift setup I’ve been using since last winter.  It’s Eli’s 62cm Klein on my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.  I use a ANT stick for connectivity.  This is a great old bike but it needs an overhaul.  The front derailuer has seized up and no amount of oil seems to loosen it.  I think it needs a solvent soak.  The entire drive train is really noisy and the rough feeling and needs to be cleaned up.  Besides that the bike is two sizes to big and no where close to my road bike position.  I wanted to save wear and tear on my road bike and get some use out of this old bike.


Last night switched bikes and here’s a picture  set up last night.  Back to the CAAD 9.   Wow I was riding this thing with a low position last summer.  It’s way, way quieter on the trainer and feels way smoother too.  The CAAD 9 didn’t have a seatpost in it so I grabbed one with a Brooks B-17 already attached.  The B-17 turned out to be very awkward on a bike with 4 inches of handlebar drop. It seems like the more aggressive the position the larger your saddle feels and the B-17 is a large saddle to begin with.


Yesterday was a very warm day for late January.  I sat off in the morning for 18 miles on my cross bike.   I’d rather have taken the road bike but the roads were wet and had cinders from the recent ice almost guarantee a flat on my road bike tires.  The Cross bike with 32 Gatorskins is ideal for those conditions.

IMG_9581 - Copy

Later Shauna and I went to the Lusk Creek Trailhead and walked the Circle B trail.  I started to leave the house with a long sleave shirt and jacket, Shauna was like, you’re going to get hot.  I changed to a T-shirt and flannel.  Halfway through the hike I took off the flannel and was wishing I’d worn shorts.  The temps got up to 70.

IMG_9571 - Copy

Trail featureAt one point on the trail I went to search for a Geocache I knew was in the area, it wasn’t in the place where it was suppose to be but I found the ink pen in the hiding spot.  Scanning the area I came across the Geocache just laying out on the ground with a hole in it.  I guess an animal tried to get in it.  Several people had found the cache and left a few new little treasures.

IMG_9582 - Copy





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2 Responses to Zwift Setup and Warm Winter Hike

  1. Kate says:

    SUCH a great weekend to be outside! I met a friend of yours at Council Bluff this weekend. 🙂

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