Cell Phone Cameras vs. Real Cameras

After a photography post the other day where I compared my DSLR cameras some one said I should have compared cell phones too.  I was photographing a lens to sell recently and thought, here’s my chance.  I set up a piece of white poster board and use two light bulbs, both warmer “soft white” bulbs that were mostly white to the eye just slightly warm.

droid 4

The first camera was my ancient DROID 4.  Nut much to say, it sucks.  White balance is way, way off.  The black of the lens is super noisy and it lacked any way to control depth of field so you can see the noisy background cardboard.

samsung galaxy

The next camera was Shauna’s upscale Galaxy S4, upscale for 2012.  It’s a much better camera but still sucks.  The white is dirty warm grey, and black lens has much less noise and is way sharper.  Again, no ability to control depth of field and it’s wide angle so I ended up getting background in the shot.


Now my newest camera the Rebel T4i, well its better but still not actually white.  The lights were warm but not yellow.  The lens is free of noise and the background is mostly blurred.


Now how about big ol Pro Canon 1D that’s 16 years old.  Wow.  Check that out, it’s white.  The 1D has an external white balance sensor and does a much better job of balancing color.  The 50mm prime lens has far better contrast and excellent sharpness too plus it gave me the best depth of field control to blur out the background.

So there’s this old saying the best camera is the one you have, but if you want to take better photos it’d help if it’s actually a real camera and not part of your cell phone.  Of course the newest high end phones have far better cameras.

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3 Responses to Cell Phone Cameras vs. Real Cameras

  1. Dennis O says:

    About a year ago, I started taking my 12 yr old or so Canon Rebel on special rides,ie Katy Trail, grandsons,etc. Its big and heavy but faster to use than my cell. By the time I log in, find the camera app, open it, I can have the pics done with the DSLR. Plus I can select which zoom lens to take from the 6 I have. I find it easier to down load the pic to the PC,also. I am 69 and tend to like the older dedicated stuff. Keep riding.

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