Temperature Cliff

temperature-cliffToday has to be the most extreme temperature shift I’ve ever seen.  I woke up this morning to light rain and temperatures in the low 60s outside.  The temps had gone up so fast that it was far warmer outside the house, the inside hadn’t warmed up yet.  By 7 the rain stopped so I headed outside for a short ride.   I have occasionally made fun of mudguards and fenders on road bikes but I could have used one today.  In 15 minutes my rear was completely soaked.

I wore my wool jersey this morning and in 30 minutes had it unzipped, it was way warmer then I even thought.  I made a pitstop at my Mom and Dad’s to see what kind of Christmas candy was available.  My Mom showed me her newest quilt, she makes an new quilt every month.  She’s a quilt-o-holic.


Anyway had to cut the ride short for a trip to Paducah, where the temperature was in the low 70s.  Wow.  On our way home a storm blew through and the temperature began dropping like a rock.  According to weather underground in a 24 hour period we’re going from 69 to 17.  Wow.




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