How to Cut a Steer Tube and Other Stuff

With winter quickly approaching it’s time to get the gravel bike ready for action.  My Jake the Snake Cross frame came with this fork with enough steer tube for a huge bike.  I’ve been to lazy to cut it off until last night.  I used my “barndoor” method of horizontal hacksaw.  It’s important to leave a metal spacer above your stem so that you don’t hack up your stem, unless your stem is junk and you don’t care.  The resulting cut will be completely flush which means you’ll need a small spacer for the top cap to work properly.


I’ve done this on several bikes and it has always produced a mostly level smooth cut, it takes about 15 minutes too, which is way shorter then it would take to remove the fork and use a miter box.


I also removed my rear cantilever brake and replaced it with an XTR linear pull set that I found in a box of old junk.  These were my dream brakes in 1998.  To use linear pull brakes with road levers you need a Problem Solver Travel Agent instead of the standard noodle.  Installing the Travel Agent took a few tries to get right, but wasn’t too complicated.


The resulting brake is a bit more powerful then regular road calipers.  I had been using Scott Pedersen Self Energizing rear Cantilever brake which had too much power.  On a gravel ride a few months ago I accidentally locked the rear wheel up on a high speed decent, it was a bit scary.

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2 Responses to How to Cut a Steer Tube and Other Stuff

  1. Moe says:

    Glad to see you are getting the old girl ready for action. Pat, Benny and myself had a good ride this morbing. A bit chilly to start, but perfect after that.

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    Yeah I wimped out. Got up, went outside, went back to bed.

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