Not a Political Post I Promise & SCUD Report

I’ve been thinking for weeks about writing a big political manifesto laying out my case and explaining my views on this year’s political election.  Well it’s November 7th, but I don’t really think I can conjure the mental fortitude to write anything substantial so I’ll just sum up my feelings about the candidates.

Like many I’m not particularly excited about our candidates, even those third party ones.  I voted for Ralph Nader in my first election back in 2000 and we all saw how that turned out.  So how about this year?  Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are both goofballs who are not qualified for president.  Then of course we have Trump,  a mentally deranged jerk who isn’t qualified to be mayor of Bedrock.  Finally that leaves Hillary who has already served two terms as president.

Well anyway vote for who you want, and if you happen to live in New Hampshire, Florida or Ohio, actually consider your vote since it makes a difference.

Hey lets talk about bikes. I recently spruced up THE SCUD with a snazzy new narrow wide chain ring, then popped off the bash guard and little ring.  Finally I removed the front derailleur and shifter so I have the hot new drivetrain everyone’s going wild about, 1×7.  Well OK, maybe its not the newest thing on the block, but it worked really well.


I also purchased some new wheels and tires from  They had some incredibly cheap Shimano/Mavic wheels with Continental Race King tires and tubes installed.  The wheels cost 179 with free shipping.  Considering the tires and tubes would set me back about 120 dollars I think I got quite a bargain.  The wheels aren’t light, aren’t fancy, but they should be durable and most importantly they were cheap.


I got in a ride yesterday at the world famous Dogpen with my pals Joe, Drew and Moe.  Trails were phenomenal.  They were dry and even a bit dusty.  The massive horse traffic has ground them up and  made them fast.  In fact Moe was holding back alot especially on the downhills because we knew how many horseback riders were out and safety is always our primary concern.

Joe and Drew are both riding with little bells on their handlebars that emit a constant ring.  I thought I might find this annoying, but if anything it was kind of nice.  The ringing was like sonar.  I could always hear the other guys, long before I could see them and the cheery ringing bells did wonders to raise my spirits.


The Continental Race Kings proved to be a fantastic tire for the conditions.  It was the smoothest rolling tire I’ve ever rode, on the hardpack dirt it was silent, in the mud it pulled as well as any tire.  It did slip once when I tried to make a 45 degree turn on slick rock coated with mud and slime and wet moss, but I would have needed traction spikes to turn on that stuff.


The bike was about 3 pounds lighter with the 1x and new wheels and it did feel a bit lighter but I’m sure that was in my mind and not real.  My last few rides have been on my old 26 inch bike and it’s always so amazing to return to a 29er.  I was rolling through rocks that would have stopped me in my tracks on the 26 inch bike.


Maybe there was a few muddy places, but just a few.

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