Van Camping and Trail Riding

Had a great weekend.  Shauna and I went to Land Between the Lakes for some van camping.  We stayed at Hillman Ferry, which is one of our favorite campgrounds anywhere.  The spot we got had amazing view, and a multicultural feel.  A nearby family spoke French and just a bit down from us was a large group of Asian people, a bit surprising since this is Kentucky.


Since we are van camping sitting up our site was easy, just pull in and get the cooler and a couple items out of the van.  I went out to ride the Canal Loop Trail while Shauna built a fire and walked around.  I have ridden the Canal Loop several times but only a complete loop on Strava couple times, and neither time represented my best effort.  Saturday I went just about as hard as I could and set a PR on almost every segment.  It was fun, but one lap left me feeling beat.  There are so many folks out there who could turn faster laps over and over again.


The weather was probably the best camping weather you could hope for, it got down into the 40s overnight but in the van Shauna and I stayed warm.  The morning was stunning as the sun came up over the water, smoke began to rise  and then blew in waves across the glass life surface in hypnotic patterns.  As it grew warmer  Shauna chatted with the French people about the finer points of van camping while I wandered around finding wood for the fire.


We left around 10 and headed for Paducah where Shauna needed to do a bit of shoe shopping.  She had no luck but I came up with a pair of Birkenstock sandals clearance d for 29 bucks!


Around 1 PM Shauna dropped me off at Gossage for a big group ride where ironically several people from Kentucky were attending.  We had 19 riders which as a HUGE group for a Shawnee ride.  The trail was in excellent condition, and allowed us to ride fast and helped everyone avoid mechanicals.  I’ve never been in a big group like that where everyone was so well paced.  I rode some near the front and some near the back but we rarely had to wait more then a minute for everyone to regroup.  It was one of the best trail rides I’ve ever done.


I noticed about halfway through the ride the my saddle didn’t feel right.  Really I’ve been thinking there was something wrong with it for awhile.  I checked it out and saw the rails had been smashed down almost completely flat.  The nose is bent radically down and the rear of the saddle is lower then the middle.  It’s not comfortable and may have something to do with the lower back pain I experienced riding.


We capped off Sunday night by watching what I can only describe as a surreal presidential debate unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  We didn’t let this get us down though, especially after checking 538 after the debate.

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