The Dog Days of Summer

It’s September but it’s still hot, brutally hot and humid.  It’s a great time to get up early and go road bike riding at 6 AM so naturally I’ve been going mountain biking at noon, you know to catch the heat and humidity at it’s height, plus it gives the spiders time to wake up and get their webs going.


Riding in summer, especially later summer means spiders, thankfully the ticks are gone and the poison ivy is less poison, but the webs are intense.  Even though these spiders appear pretty dangerous they don’t seem to bite, I’ve had them all over me the last couple weekends.

In typical Gholson fashion I’ve been breaking things.  In fact the last 3 mountain bike rides have ended in failure, luckily right near the end.  I broke the hanger on my scud last weekend, right after I told the world it was unbreakable.


This weekend I took out the old school Beast of the East and shredded the rear wheel.  And yesterday I simply had a slow leak  in the last mile of the ride and rode it until the tire came off.


We went to One Horse Gap on Labor Day and found there was alot of action at the Gap.  A few horse back riders, some pilgrims on ATVs, and of course us goofy mountain bikers.  This is only really noteworthy because we rarely see anyone on our rides.


Sunday I handled the heat pretty well, you see heat and humidity have always been my achilles heel mountain biking.  Monday got the best of me.  In a matter of minutes I produced enough sweat to drown a rat.  The trails at One Horse Gap suck, they are full of chopped up horse holes and downed trees.  It was impossible to keep any speed and the cooling airflow that comes with it.

At one point while climbing the coon I had “hit the wall” and was having a hard time going forward.  A small patch of loose dirt caused me to simply just fall off my bike.  Luckily our leader the 70 year old Joe, kept morale up and made a command decision to turn the ride around.

Think it’s time to switch back to road, at least while I wait for some new parts to ship!

About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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2 Responses to The Dog Days of Summer

  1. D D E says:

    Matt – keep the blogs coming. They are uniquely enjoyable to read.

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