So Long Monte

I said goodbye to a faithful companion last night, I sold my Monte Carlo.  This was the first car that I purchased myself in 2005.  It was two years old and only had 20,000 miles.  The Monte was as fine a car as a person could ask for, and had many high end luxury features like lights that come on automatically when it’s dark and plush comfortable seats.

The Monte is a mountain biking machine

The Monte is a mountain biking machine

For the last two years I used the car hard.  I removed the center console and used it to deliver mail.  Everyday the car would get a new scratch or ding.  Yet even after 2 years of constant stop and go driving in the harshest conditions imaginable Monte never failed me.

My final day of delivering mail a couple weeks ago saw a huge monsoon rain.  Inches of rain fell in a very short time and I was forced to drive through high water.  By the end of the day the engine light had come on, the exhaust was loud, and the power steering fluid was leaking.  With our new van and my new job I had no reason to spend any money on it.

Monte Carlo!!!

Monte Carlo!!!

Selling the car on craigslist proved to be a challenge.  I started it at 800 and generally had several offers a day, people wanted to trade boats, motorcycles, trucks for it.  People offered 300, 400, 500 dollars.  Many people wanted it but wanted me to hold it for a month or two while they saved up the cash.  Some people were 100% planning to buy it but never showed up.

I finally sold the car to the first person who showed up to check it out, for 500 bucks.  I hope it serves them well.  I know I will miss the luxurious style of the Monte Carlo.

The Monte had dropped us off at the start point.

The Monte had dropped us off at the start point.

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1 Response to So Long Monte

  1. jc wise says:

    didn’t you have some blocks or something you could have it up on in your back yard? do an art installation…

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