St. Nicholas Brew Tour 2016

Last year in July I went over for one of the St. Nicholas Brewing Companies Brew Tour rides, a 40 mile ride over from their Brewery to Scratch Brewery and back.  To me it’s pretty much perfect, a laid back, fun, and free group ride that all kinds of riders show up for; I pretty much guarantee you’ll find someone to ride with.  I made it last Sunday for the first edition of the this year’s Brew Tours and had a blast.  It was a great turnout, and a great time.


A guy I didn’t know told me he’d read my blog report from the ride last year and really enjoyed it, which quite honestly blows my mind.  I’ve ran into several people I’ve never met who tell me they enjoy my blog and every time I feel like I just won an Academy award, “You like me!  you really like me!”   Anyway, I’ll just offer this brief ride report.  Moe and I, who had already rode 30 something miles, go to the front, things start to get kind of fast.  Aaron gets on the front and cranks it up and just stays there.  I was having one of those magical days where I felt like my bike had a motor, even though I’m sure I was near my max sustainable effort it just felt like I was cruising.  Seems like everyone had been doing some pulling but when Aaron decided to blow up the group he really blew it up.


I looked behind and it was just Donny, Moe, and maybe one other guy.  Eventually we regrouped and then it was Josh Dawson’s turn to go to the front and crack the group in half.  I got on the front half and then we took turns seeing just how much we could do before we blew up.  Ava hill was a big challenge, it kept going and going.  I pulled about half of it and turned it over to Donny.  I found myself slipping and had to dig deep for a second to get back on.  Donny drove it hard over the top and we coasted on fumes into Scratch where I enjoyed great bread courtesy of Moe and Paul.



The return trip was much more civilized but the wicked headwinds out of the North forced Moe and I to turn back to the South and begin heading back to Carterville.  Got in 80 something miles and felt pretty good afterward, but really felt it later.  That stuff catches up with you.



Looking forward to the next ride with those guys!



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